from idea
to pitch

A hands-on, structured approach to kickstarting your own business.


There is a structure to starting a business. Our 1 month program is designed to guide you through that journey.

Our rounded program covers 3 aspects:


Each week has a different theme of focus. The first week of the program is about getting to know each other and learning about the foundations of beginning a startup. These foundations will be explained and practiced during hands-on workshops. At the end of the first week everyone will pitch their business idea, and startup teams will be formed around the ideas that resonate the most.

The second and the third week are about putting what we learnt into practice. Each team will work on their specific projects with our expert coaches and business advisors.

During the last week the teams will be coached on finalizing their business plans and preparing amazing pitch decks to impress the investors and launch their startup!


We want to help you to live life on your own terms, so our program is designed to incorporate all parts of a healthy lifestyle.

As we believe that physical vitality is key to being productive, our program includes regular fitness sessions with elite professionals who will make you train hard while having fun.

You will master your inner self through daily yoga and meditation sessions that will bring you the focus and clarity every entrepreneur needs.

Finally, to help you in your personal growth & goals, you will have the opportunity to consult our personal growth advisors every week. They will help you to detect what aspects of your life want to improve, define goals and find the way to become unstoppable.

work hard, play hard

Life is not only about business. You only live once, so we have to have a little fun as well!

We strongly believe in the importance of play as part of a rounded lifestyle, and therefore we will take you on a one of a kind outdoors adventure to discover the magic of Bali’s many different sides.

Moreover, there will be free time to explore the island, just relax or take a trip to one of Bali’s fantastic sights. You decide.

Lastly, our weekly tribe nights will help to unwind, have fun and make the most out of our time as a tribe.


The first week of the program will be focused on learning the startup foundations.

We start easy with a briefing, introductions and activities to get to know the tribe. A good opportunity to discover everyone’s strengths and start forming your dream-team.

We are doing hands-in workshops about IdeationValidationBusiness ModelsMarketingFinancial PlanGrowth Strategy and Pitching & Funding.

On Thursday we celebrate our first Tribe night!

On the first weekend we are going on our teambuilding outdoors activity.

From the second week onwards we are working on our specific projects in our startup teams. The focus is on validating the business ideas and taking the first steps into business. 

Each team has two sessions with our experienced business mentors. Additionally, teams can work with our business advisors at any time. 

The personal coaching sessions kick off this week, starting with reviewing the current situation and setting challenging personal goals to achieve during the retreat.

The main topics that are covered during the validation week are Commercial Viability and Positioning in the Market.

On Thursday our brains will be challenged in a different way during the second Tribe Night. 

Strategy means everything for the future of your startup. Knowing that 1 out of 4 startups survive, we will help you in designing the best strategy to maximize your chances to succeed.

During this week your business sessions will be focused on (Digital) Marketing and Expansion.

Our business advisor is available again for consulting, and you can book slots with your Personal Growth Advisor.

We will make our last Tribe Night count on Thursday!

After setting the foundations of your business, working on your strategy, and defining your business plan, you must show your creation to the world!

During this week you will have a team rehearsal session with our expert coach about pitching and fundraising.

Again, you can work with our business advisors anytime you need and there will be time to meet your Personal Growth Advisor.

The main topics this week are Pitching and Fundraising.

At this stage you will have all the knowledge to finish your business plan and prepare an amazing pitch deck to impress the investors and launch your startup!

On the last day of the program we organize a final pitching event with an international panel of investors.

We go out with a bang – we end our time in Bali with a farewell dinner and a party.

what is included?


A private room en-suite bathroom in a one-of-a-kind resort to call home for the month.


A routine of yoga and meditation, locally sourced healthy breakfast and fitness classes from Monday to Friday.


Workshops, mastermind sessions, guest lectures, life coaching and personal mentoring.


A unique, team-building day trip during the retreat and access to our full alumni network.

Next Retreat: 2 September 2019, Bali

Program Fees: €3,990

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