Narcis is the programme director on the CoFounders Retreat team. He’s warm and friendly and can usually be found strumming his ukulele at the top of a mountain somewhere. This is his story. 

After working for years in the corporate world as a data scientist, I finally had enough. Every day felt dull.

I needed a new challenge in life.

So I packed my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Greece. From there, I travelled around the world to over 15 different countries trying to quench my thirst for challenge by hiking in the Himalayas (Everest base camp trek in Nepal), diving the deepest seas and oceans (Red sea, Indian and Pacific ocean), and spending several months volunteering at 2 refugee camps in Greece and Bangladesh. 

Along the way, I started a travel blog called The Backpack Experience and wanted to find a way to monetize my travel writing. This led me to join an education programme where I focused on studying digital marketing.

At the end of the programme, I realized that it wasn’t what I did alone that fulfilled my need for challenge. Instead, it was being around high calibre, very competent people who challenged my thinking and my way of doing things that made me feel mentally stimulated.

I realized this:

If high-calibre people were all brought together and put in a situation where they were actively encouraged to collaborate and challenge each other, every person would be able to achieve things beyond their personal expectations.

That is why I came onboard with the CoFounders Retreat, to unite a community of super driven entrepreneurial individuals from all around the world who also bring with them outstanding knowledge in their professional fields.

Together, we can achieve amazing things.

Challenge yourself. Surround yourself with inspiring people.
Apply for the next CoFounders Retreat.

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