Tommy is a man of many talents on the CoFounders Retreat team. Apart from number crunching and breaking down the big picture into bite-sized chunks, he’s also a smooth talker and an affable friend. This is his story. 

Back in 2017, I reached a point in my career where I seriously wanted a change and a boost in motivation. I also wanted to take time off to reflect and travel.

I had been working in finance and a niche luxury brand for 8 years. It felt like the right time to step up and create something of my own.

This guided me towards considering an MBA, which I began thoroughly researching.

As I researched various MBA programmes, I started to ponder what my aim was.

Why did I want to pursue an MBA?

I realized that what I actually wanted was to meet people, grow my network, grow as a person, learn new skills, travel, and find cofounders to start a business with.

On the other hand, I also identified the drawbacks of such programmes – namely high costs and high time commitment required, cutting into one’s earning potential. This led me to look for alternative, shorter programmes which could help me achieve some, if not most, of these goals. 

After thoroughly analysing the landscape, I discovered that there was an opportunity in the market to offer such short programmes containing most of the benefits of an MBA combined with unique and valuable experiences. A mix between an MBA, an entrepreneurship bootcamp, and a wellness retreat to care for the health of your mind and body. 

This is the CoFounders Retreat

Change your professional life. Build something to call your own.
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