What is personal growth? 

Personal growth means different things to different people. In general, it refers to the self-improvement of your skills, knowledge, personal qualities, life goals and outlook. 

Whenever you seek to better yourself in any way – be it your temperament, your formal education, or your maturity, you are seeking personal growth.

Why is personal growth important?

Apart from the intrinsic value of gaining new knowledge and advancing yourself as an individual, the very act of pursuing personal growth distinguishes individuals from the pack. 

When you choose to pursue personal growth, you immediately reflect a desire for self-improvement and growth. You showcase personal qualities that are highly valued in career success, whether you work for a company or are an entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter what level you are currently at with your  skillsets or qualities. This desire for improvement attitude is the factor that will push you through and bring your work from good to great.


How can I pursue personal growth?

Step 1 is to actively want to pursue personal growth. The fact that you’re reading this article proves that you’re already on your way towards self-improvement, congratulations! 

The next steps can be a little more ambiguous. Many people inevitably feel a sense of restlessness and wander while on their journey towards personal growth. Don’t forget that this elusive journey in itself is personal growth, so cherish every moment of feeling lost and puzzled. 

Since personal growth means different things to different people, it’s important to establish what aspect of your own life you wish to grow. Is it your career, your personality, your thoughts, or specific qualities that you find lacking in your life? Do you wish you knew how to give yourself space? Or maybe you’ve never been clear on your strengths and weaknesses and would like to get a better sense of that. 

One quick way to hack your personal growth journey is to go on structured travel programs, such as going on workations like the CoFounders Retreat.

Travel always opens your mind in new ways when you get yourself out of your routine to give yourself a fresh new perspective. Going on a structured workation program ensures that you maximize your dedicated travel time to ensure you leave feeling a little less lost and a little more focused on your true purpose in life. 

Questions to ask yourself

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to self-evalaute and begin your journey on personal growth.

  • What does my dream life look like?
  • What are the things that scare me?
  • How can I face the things that scare me in a structured way?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • What is the one thing I cannot live without?
  • What do I wake up every morning to do? 
  • What do the people closest to me admire me for?
  • What do the people closest to me wish I would do more/less of?

Surrounding yourself with people who also actively seek self improvement makes your journey much more meaningful. A community of driven individuals can push each other to accomplish more than what they set out to achieve individually. 

Start asking yourself the hard questions. And get the right people to support you every step of the way. Personal growth isn’t an end goal, but a way of living to guide your actions each and every day.

Surround yourself with inspiring people. Challenge yourself. Grow.
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