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Finding the right cofounder is the one of the main challenges many entrepreneurs face. We bring together exceptional talent from around the world and provide a structured environment for you to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Form your dream team – We carefully select 30 outstanding young professionals from around the world to be part of the next tribe of change-makers. We take into account the variety of skillsets, qualities, experiences and perspectives that different individuals bring. Most importantly, everyone in the tribe will challenge and support each other through this journey of growth.
  • Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs – We invite renowned entrepreneurs and speakers from around the world to share their wisdom and insights each week.
  • Establish the right foundations – Many people want to start a business but don’t quite know where to begin. Our structured programme guides you through the steps you need to give your start-up a strong foundation. We also provide access to an expansive library of digital learning resources. 
  • Support for your ideas – As you work on your idea with your team during the 25 day programme, we provide a business mentor to give you feedback and perspective on the growth of your idea. We also provide personal mentors to help you achieve your personal goals during this journey. 
  • Pitch your idea – After working on your idea for 25 days with your high-calibre team, get the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of investors to kickstart the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey. 
  • Care for your body and wellness – We believe that caring for your body brings you inspiration in astounding new ways. That is why we include complimentary yoga, meditation and workout sessions in the programme, on top of healthy and nutritious locally-sourced meals prepared by our in-house chef. 

Whether you have a clear idea that you want to work on, or if entrepreneurship is something you’re still exploring, CoFounders Retreat is the place to challenge yourself, get inspired, and build something to call your own.

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